Support and Strategy for Rewarding Career Transitions

Are you frustrated or unsatisfied at work? Ready for a new start but feeling stuck and confused about how to make a change? Need some clarity about your strengths and skills? You’re not alone - and you’ve come to the right place.

Working with a career professional can help you navigate today’s dynamic world of work where change is a constant. By addressing both the emotional and strategic dimensions of career development, I can help you take control of your professional life by changing careers, turbo-charging your job search, or resolving on-the-job challenges.

By combining emotional support with strategy based on the most effective career development practices, I help clients with transitions such as:

  • Job-to-job change
  • Mid-life career change
  • Return-to-work after layoff or time at home
  • Return to confidence on-the-job
  • Move between employment and self-employment
  • Move between part time and full time
  • Retirement reinvention

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