Job Search Strategy

Job Search Strategy/InterviewingFor many professionals, going through a job search is an experience loaded with uncertainty. Even exceptionally qualified candidates can feel unsure about how to prepare. Many people send resume after resume with no results.

Working with job search strategist like myself can help you develop a personal brand, a marketing plan with the full range of tactics, better access to your network, and marketing tools that persuade.

By following the steps below, committing to manageable action items between sessions and getting support through the inevitable ups and downs of this process, you can land a new job that allows you to be both successful and satisfied.

The Five Step Job Search Process

I can work with you to address any or all of following job search steps:

Step One: Assessment and Targeting – Here’s where we’ll identify your motivations for wanting a new job and determine the types of positions you’ll seek based on your skills, interests, career goals and fit with employer needs.

Step Two: Preparation of your resume, Linkedin profile, and elevator pitch – We’ll create compelling materials and ways of talking about yourself to others that capture your relevant accomplishments and qualifications.

Step Three: Development and implementation of your personal marketing plan – I can help you create a multi-faceted, systematic job search that keeps you from relying on the job boards like most frustrated job seekers. Instead, I’ll help you develop and leverage your personal network, identify advertised and unadvertised opportunities, increase your reach, and practice non-traditional strategies in an organized, tactical fashion that will keep your pipeline filled with opportunities.

Step Four: Interviewing – I’ll help you turn an interview into an authentic conversation between you and your future employer so that you’re at your best. By preparing your success stories and questions beforehand, you’ll be prepared not only to answer the most challenging questions but to accurately assess the opportunity and culture of your next employer.

Step Five: Follow up, salary negotiations and decision making – I’ll help you turn interviews into offers by following up strategically, negotiating salary and terms that meet your needs, and discriminating between a quick fix and a job that addresses the dissatisfaction that prompted your job search.

Job Search Audit 

Not feeling ready to commit to working through this process? No problem. Just come in for an 80 minute review of your job search target, marketing materials and summary of activity and I’ll offer suggestions for improving your strategy and tactics!