Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to commit to working with you through all the steps you defined?

You are not obliged to work with me for any predetermined number of sessions or scope of work. I'm here for you until you have received the support and guidance you need. On my website I've outlined the general steps a job or career seeker must work through to reach their goals. Many clients need my help with just a step or two to get "unstuck." Then they're on their way, knowing they can always come back if they need me again.

Can you help me find more satisfaction in my current job?

When people are unhappy with their jobs, they often have an instinct to leave - and a lot of times this makes sense. But sometimes there's another option which is why this is a great question. I can help you clarify the root of your dissatisfaction and explore whether it's possible to make changes to your responsibilities, mindset or relationship with your manager. The technical name for this is "job crafting" and it often requires new communication strategies, delegation, skill development, assertiveness, and self-knowledge.

Can you write my resume for me?

I can write your resume for you once I understand your professional history and the position(s) you're seeking. In general, I meet with clients several times before I prepare their resume in order to get the information I need.

The longer I practice, however, the more I see the benefits of helping clients write their own resumes. Doing so prepares people beautifully for interviews because they have already identified evidence of their skills and practiced describing their successes. It's a "teach to fish" model that includes the provision of helpful tools, templates, and support.

What is the difference between a Career Coach and a Career Counselor?

This is a great question! A Career Counselor is a professional trained in assessment and counseling techniques as well as career and job search techniques. A Career Counselor can help you understand what may be blocking you from moving forward - and can shine some light on what career path may be a better fit for your personality and values. A Career Coach is trained to be very action oriented. A coach will facilitate movement by setting goals with the client, breaking them down into specific action steps, and providing accountability.

I am trained as both a Career Counselor and a Career Coach and as such am equipped with a range of approaches that facilitate new insight, mitigate emotional barriers, and catalyze strategic action.

I am nervous about interviewing. Can you help me?

Absolutely! Interviewing is the most stressful part of a job search for most people. The key is preparation. I can help you by finding the right words for difficult questions, role playing, and rehearsing your success stories so that you feel both authentic and persuasive.

I can also help you turn an interview into a conversation by preparing questions for your interviewer that will uncover the true requirements of the job - and give you an accurate read on your potential boss and company culture.

How long does the process take?

Simply stated, the length of our partnership depends on where you are in your career search process, your goals for change, and your level of motivation and participation in our work together. I have helped clients with as few as one session while other partnerships have lasted several months. Some clients work with me for a while to develop a plan, do some work on their own, then come back for help with a different set of challenges in the job search process. My goal is to be of help and support to you for as long as you need my expertise.

Do you work over Zoom with local and remote clients?

Yes. I am happy to work in person and over video with local clients as well as remotely through Zoom with clients throughout the US.

What can I expect in our first session?

The first time we meet, we will spend some time reviewing your work history and clarifying your needs. All too often in career issues, the cause of confusion comes from a lack of clarity about the problem(s) at hand. A problem properly identified often finds its own solution!

I've been sending resume after resume and getting no response. Can you help me?

Many people I meet with have been working hard at their job search and getting nowhere. Hearing only crickets from employers can make you lose heart - or even worse, lose confidence.

Many people assume that online job boards have made job seeking easier. From my perspective, they give people false hope and make job seeking even more competitive. Job interviews go to people who know how to write and format their resumes to conform to the logic of the screening software or applicant tracking software (ATS) or who are referred. 

The keys to success then are to conform your resume to the logic of applicant tracking software - and diversify your job search techniques through networking. I can help you with both of these tactics. 

If you come in for a Job Search Audit, I'll spend 1 1/2 hours with you to troubleshoot and align your resume, cover letters, Linkedin profile and job search techniques with your target to get you the calls from employers you're looking for.