Career Choice/Career Change

Career Choice/Career ChangeDid you know that that average American changes jobs every 2 1/2 years and careers seven times? We no longer follow linear paths – nor do we want to settle for work that is in conflict with our values. You and your lifestyle preferences change. New opportunities beckon.

Yet the options for choice and change can be overwhelming. Unclear about how your knowledge and skills could translate to a new career? Worried about making the wrong choice - a quick fix rather than a good fit? Do you find yourself having a new idea every day?

I can help you manage your uncertainty and discover new career options by guiding you through the following five step process:

  1. Self-assessment through tools and exercises, identifying your key interests, values, personality, skills and work preferences
  2. Identification of career options that lie at the intersection of these attributes
  3. Exploration of career alternatives through online and field research, reality testing, and action projects
  4. Decision making through risk abatement and prioritization
  5. Skill Development and/or Job Search

By applying a methodology and committing to manageable action items, you can get the clarity and resolve you’re looking for, remembering that your career is a lifetime journey.